Multi-cursor solutions

Multiple users collaborating in (remote) shared sessions in any application(s) or document(s).

Effective collaboration tools.

Use Cases

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Work from anywhere

Co-create, co-review or co-decide in:

Business collaboration, UCC.

Incident Management / Disaster Recovery

Security & Monitoring

And any other use, where seamless collaboration with others is beneficial and speeds up processes, results and saves time and travel.

Multi-user Products

  • TeamPlayer3: generic multi-user / multi-cursor collaboration tool for PC.
  • iCollapp: cloud-based collaboration tool enabling multi-user sessions.

Or check our other multi-user applications.

Partner program / SDK

  • Also available to partners as SDK for integration into systems and applications.

  • Partners in several markets offer the integrated multi-user functionality in their applications and solutions.

See it in action.

See it in action, and see how you can use it.

Work together in application(s) with others.

Spot light

Dicolab introduces iCollapp - multi-user collaboration

DicoLab proudly introduces the iCollapp tool. Complete multi-user communication & collaboration, from any-to-any.

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All our multi-user apps do work any PC, so also on Windows 10!.
Enjoy working together on any Windos device, or even from remote with the iCollapp tool.

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